InformNorden Monday 22 October

15.00 – 16.00 Artificial Intelligence strengthens the Customer service and Information channels  – Opportunities, Threats and Open questions
1 norwegian-flag A.I. and open source code in the new Information System – Utilizing micro services for connectivity needs.
Terje Storhaug, IT Director, Ruter As, Norway
2 icelandic-flag The Neural Neighborhood – How cities resample Neural Networks and how to use A.I.
Daði Ingólfsson, IT Advisor, Straeto, Iceland
3  swedish-flag  Chat robots in customer service channels – Case: Travel Guarantee
 Marie Rosengren, Customer Service, SLL Trafikförvaltningen, Sweden
16.00 – 17.00 Big Data, machine learning and automated processes
1 danish-flag Big data – Travel card data – How to get more value out of data we already have?
 Carsten Jensen, Project manager, Movia, Denmark
2 swedish-flag An approach to data driven maintenance through real time data streams and machine learning
 Ruoyin Lai, Project manager, SLL Trafikförvaltningen, Sweden
3 norwegian-flag Collection and sharing of data 
Gisle Pedersen, Head of Digital Product Development, Entur As, Norway

 InformNorden Tuesday 23 October

09.00 – 10.00 Transport industry in change – Three cases
1 swedish-flag Open Data create possibilities for big and small players in the Swedish transport service industry
Carina Trofast, Head of Passenger Services, SLL Trafikförvaltningen and Carin Carelind, Head of IT, Östgötatrafiken, Sweden
2 finish-flag HSL’s (PTA’s) point of view to MaaS ecosystem development
Jemina Uusitalo, Project manager, HSL, Finland
3 norwegian-flag SpacE – Shared Personalised Autonomous Connected vEhicles
Endre Angelvik, Ruter As, Norway
10.30-12.20 Services for Mobile Customers
1 finish-flag Digitalizing passenger surveys – utilizing HSL’s mobile app and beacons
Antti Vuorela, Senior researcher, HSL, Finland
2 danish-flag Movia’s Beacon-project – what is in the technology for us?
Anders Borring-Møller, Project manager, Movia, Denmark
3   Ticketing as a Service in Switzerland: Offering a new level of convenience for Public Transport users
Helmut Eichhorn, Head of Sales & Marketing, TPF (Transports Publics Fribourgeois), Switzerland
4 norwegian-flag Technology doesn’t feel, but our customers do – Why we stopped talking about digitalization and started talking about feelings
Eivind Skogen, Senior digital advisor, Ruter As, Norway