Exhibition (last update 7 of September)

Information bullet for all Exhibitors

  • The exhibition area is open for assembly and installation from 1500 on September 13th.
  • The exhibition area is closing down from 1400 on September 15th.
  • Exhibitor invoice will be sent during week 37.

Welcome Exhibitors – to the InformNorden 2017 in Aalborg, Denmark.

We, the InformNorden Conference organizer, at Nordjyllands Trafikselskab would like to invite companies to take part as an exhibitor in the InformNorden Conference 2017 in the city of Aalborg in Denmark.

We can inform that the exhibition will be a fully integrated part of the conference and within the same area where the lunch and coffee breaks will be held.

The exhibition area is divided into areas of equal size, approximately 2 times 3 meters, a floorplan can be seen further down the page. Each exhibition space is equipped with a table and two chairs, and 3-port power socket, Wi-Fi connection will also be available. Additional standard equipment as chair, café table, café chair and additional power sockets is available through the conference organizer office. If you should need any other special equipment, the conference organizer office can establish contact to the conference site, this is not included in the fixed exhibition price.

*Fixed price of Euro 5.500 ex. VAT includes standard equipment and the fee for two delegates for the whole conference.

The InformNorden Conference organizer can be contacted by e-mail: InformNorden@NTmail.dk

  • There is a limited number of exhibition areas. *Exhibitor registration for InformNorden 2017 has ended.
  • Exhibition area is 2 x 3 m and the included table is 70 x 140 cm
  • Confirmation letter will be sent to exhibitors on demand. Selection and amount of equipment for the exhibition area can be entered on the confirmation letter.
  • Signing this confirmation will bind your attendance and an invoice will be sent to you.
  • Information regarding your placement in the exhibitor area and earliest time for setting up ones exhibition stand will be sent out April 17th.
  • This year the stands back wall graphics will not be printed by InformNorden. The exhibitors will have to bringe their own.

Special 2017 event: Exhibitors Battle

Instead of the short few seconds introduction at the beginning of the conference, we have reserved a bit larger time slot after session 1 on Thursday for an ”Exhibitors Battle” in combination with an extended coffee break.

Therefor we invite you to do a short presentation following these rules:

  • The stage is yours for 3 minutes – and 3 minutes only. In order to give everyone the same chance of winning this battle, we keep a tight leash on the time.
  • The topic for your speech is free of choice. Present an idea, a product, your company strategy, perform a song or sketch – whatever you feel will enthuse the audience.
  • You may prepare an amazing slideshow. Slideshows or other presentations that will be presented on the screen needs to be submitted to us no later than 8.00 at Thursday the 14th. of September in order for us to make sure we can make quick shifts and keep the timeline.
  • You may bring gadgets to the stage as long as they fit and can be removed as soon as your 3 minutes are up.
  • The order of the presenting exhibitors will be chosen randomly.
  • It will take place on a small stage in the exhibition area.
  • Yes! It is a contest. The audience consisting of the delegates will vote for the best presentation, so give it your best effort. The winner will be awarded a great price and given the title ”Exhibitors Battle Champion”.

Exhibition area at Comwell Hotel Hvide Hus

      A: Wall, room divider B: Windows sections C: Entry areas, solid wall D: coffee/lunch area

  1. MultiQ
  2. FARA
  3. INIT
  4. Consat
  5. Trapeze Group
  6. Hogia
  7. Pilotfish
  8. Trivector
  9. Adibus
  10. Hacon / eos.uptrade
  11. Fältcom
  12. Axentia
  13. Access IS
  14. Remix