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Trafikförvaltningen Stockholm County Council

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Technical organiser


Planning Committee 2018

swedish-flag Sweden
Agneta Öberg, Trafikförvaltningen Stockholm County Council (Chair)
agneta.oberg@sll.se     +46 707 861832

danish-flag Denmark
Peter Jensby Lange, Movia Public Transportation

pla@moviatrafik.dk    +45 3613 1844

finish-flag Finland
Krister Karppinen, HSL Helsinki Region Transport

krister.karppinen@hsl.fi     +358 40 136 9481

icelandic-flag Iceland
Ástríður Þórðardóttir, Strætó

astridur@straeto.is     +354 824 6147

italian-flag Norway
Jarl Eliassen, Ruter As

jarl.eliassen@ruter.no     +47 901 40 990

Secretary of InformNorden is Kerkko Vanhanen, Traficon Oy
kerkko.vanhanen@trafikcon.fi     +358 40 596 8296


About InformNorden

InformNorden was founded in 1998 by the public transport authorities in the Nordic capitals of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. InformNorden is led by a planning committee with members from each of the five Nordic countries.

InformNorden aims at bringing together users and suppliers to stimulate the use and development of IT in the  public transport sector by exchange of experience, requirements and standards.

The main activities of InformNorden focus on organising the annual InformNorden conference. As an established networking forum, InformNorden also offers an opportunity for members and conference delegates to exchange information and experiences in order to improve public transport IT-solutions and better meet the needs of users.

Every second year since 2014 the InformNorden conference has been held as a joint conference with the NLTM conference (Nordisk Lokaltrafikkmøte). The name of the joint conference is Nordic Public Transport.

You may find the history of InformNorden in the Awards and Archive page.

You may also know us as: InformNorden2015 / InformNorden2016 / Nordic Public Transport / Nordic Local Transport / Nordisk Lokaltrafikk / Nordisk Lokaltrafik / Nordisk Lokaltrafikkonferanse/ Nordisk Lokaltrafikkmøte