Awards -

InformNorden IT Award

It is important to highlight people and contributions that rise above the ordinary. Therefore the InformNorden IT Award was established in 2003. The winner gets a unique sculpture and is invited to give a presentation at the next InformNorden Conference.

Peter Kristiansen receives the InformNorden IT Award 2017.

Previous winners 
2015 Ulf Bjersing, Sweden
2013 Hanne Nettum Breivik, Norway
2012 Hans Andersson, Sweden
2011 Mika Vuorio, Finland and Niels Mortensen, Denmark
2009 Torbjörn Barslett, Norway
2008 Johannes Sloth, Denmark
2007 Krister Nordland, Sweden
2006 Stefan Fjällemark, Sweden
2005 Matti Raino, Finland
2004 Jens Mogensen, Denmark
2003 Thore Brynielsson, Sweden

Nordic Marketing Award

Previous winners 
2016 Ruter
2014 HSL Helsinki Region Transport